Contest Rules

Live Free or Die Tattoo EXPO 2018 TATTOO CONTEST RULES:
All rules are non-negotiable.
Entrance Fee for each contest is $5.00
Winner & Tattoo Artist will receive a Trophy.Tattoo & Piercing of the day also receive $100 cash prize for 1st place and $50 cash prize for 2nd place.

Each contestant must pay a $5 entry fee per entry per category. There will be no refunds for contestants who do not attend the contest (times to be announced at convention).
Tattoos must be entered into the correct category to compete.
You must be present 15 minutes prior to competing.
Large, medium & small tattoos will be measured day of entry into competition to decide the correct category it belongs in.
Large tattoos may be entered into the “Large” category if it is a single tattoo, not a collection of tattoos making up one large piece and not a full-coverage back piece.
Sleeves and back pieces may not be entered in any single piece categories unless it is one individual piece contained within a sleeve or back piece.
A sleeve must be a half or full arm sleeve or a half or full leg sleeve and it must be complete.
A back piece is a large collection of tattoos or one single piece which covers the entire back and it must be complete.
A back piece consisting of one single piece may be entered into the “Back Piece” category only.
Black and gray tattoos may have only up to 10% accenting color.
Horror tattoos consist of shocking, terrifying, revolting or horror movie related pieces. They may be a single tattoo or a collection of horror specific piece(s).
To enter the “Best Cover-Up” category a photo of the original piece to be covered, before any stencil or artwork was done, must be present.
To enter the “Portrait” category a reference photo of what the portrait piece was based on must be present.
A full body suit must be entered into the “Full Body Suit” category, but single pieces may be entered into appropriate categories.
Pieces done at the show are eligible for entry into ALL tattoo contests.
Piercings done at the show are eligible for entry into the “Piercing of the Day” category only and must be complete.
If you are a judge you may not enter any category you are scheduled to judge. You also may not judge a category that one of your artistic pieces has been entered into. If you need to be excused from judging a specific category an alternate judge will be provided.
One trophy will be awarded to each winner of each category, as well as the artist that designed winner’s piece.
No complete disrobing during competition.